Robot assembly - Part03 H-Bridge circuit to controll DC motors
2006 14 Dec

As previously mentioned (Project Description), I’ve decided to install Microsoft Windows 2000 to control the CPU because It’s easy for me to develop custom software on this platform. Also from ‘robot vision’ perspective it’s more simple to grab web-cam video stream directly to be analysed for that same custom application, since I’m a Borland Builder C++ developer and at this moment I have all the necessary tools to do the job!

Really like Linux environment, but at this moment I’m not familiar with the system ‘development wise’. Sure that my next botdream version will consider Linux has my first choice!

Necessary steps to install O.S.

I’ve attached one temporary CDROM into the 2nd IDE channel only to install windows 2000. Removed it after windows installation was completed. Installed the wireless network communication module on one PCI slot (forgot to copy the drivers! copied them into a USB pen drive). After successful configuration of the wireless card, managed to access the Internet. Installed all the Internet updates. Installed and configured SSH for console remote access. Installed UltraVNC for remote access. Configured PC BIOS and removed ‘keyboard not found’ error from boot test. PC is now ready to boot with no external dependency. Finally installed the web-cam.

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