2007 31 Jan

I’m currently moving from town and need to settle down before I can restart this project … sorry about this! I have also a lot of work to develop and no time left for my hobby. I’ll be back as soon as possible!

2007 07 Jan

Now that the robot’s PC is operational I’ve decided to start with the H-Bridge hardware to drive DC motors that is controlled by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal. Still need to make the interface between H-Bridge and PC, but at least I can check first if everything is going has it should. And I’m glad i did!

It seems that the extra battery that I’ve installed to drive the motors (6VDC 4.5Ah) is not working properly with the H-Bridge that I’ve implemented from H-Bridge Circuit.

botdream interface
(I’ve used this circuit because is simple to implement, cheap and controlled by Pulse Width Modulation signal, quite easy to control when using Microchip PIC)

This bridge uses Darlingtons transistors and will have some losses between 2 to 4VDC at maximum current. Since DC motors need 6VDC and my battery is 6VDC less 4VDCmax from circuit losses, I can’t use this circuit to drive the motors. I need to use MOSFET based H-Bridge … Continue reading »