2nd H-Bridge circuit is now completed Testing CCSInfo PicC Code
2007 16 Nov

I’ve previously work with Microchip Pic using MPLab and Assembler language! It’s very powerful but also time consuming! Now I’m using one tool to develop my Pic code from C language. I’m very impressed, It’s very easy to develop and there is a big community in the web that creates C libraries for tools like this!

This is a list of the software that I’m using now to develop on Microchip Pics:

Microchip MPLab8 IDE: (MPLAB)

Nice tool to code Assembler for pics but I’m using it to debug C code from CCSInfo PICC. There is one plug-in to integrate both tools! Excellent!


CCSInfo PICC PCWH Compiler 4.016

(Compiler Overview) (Code Examples) (Forum / Community)


Pic Programmer WinPicProg 1.91 to flash .hex code (WinPicProg)

WinPicProg 1.91

Velleman Instruments PCLab2000 (PCLab200)

Software for my digital oscilloscope (PCS500A) and Function Generator (PCG10A) from Velleman Instruments.

Velleman Instruments

Pic Programmer / Flasher hardware

I’m using a homemade Pic programmer for now that is connected to my LPT1 port! I’m waiting for a new USB ICD2 (In Circuit Debugger / flasher)!

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  1. sssf Says:

    Thanks SIR !!!
    Wonderfull site..

  2. Nelson Neves Says:

    Thank you for your interest! I’ve been quite busy at work and my hobbies/projects are stopped at the moment! Hope to get back to my robot asap.

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