Testing Pic code for RS232 and I2C Master communication Testing Pic code for I2C Master/Slave communication
2008 23 Jan

I have now a new USB In-Circuit Debugger ICD2 that will allow me to program PICs much faster than my old LPT (parallel port) one and debug my PICs hardware by using proprietary Microchip protocol. I have made some test programing my old PIC 16F628A and new 16F690. It works fine! Really fast and have less errors while flashing the PIC. Also, this is now integrated with Microchip MPLAB, just need to activate tool, connect and flash! No more switching between different tools!


Will make real time hardware debug as soon as possible! I’m testing my new PIC 16F690 on I2C communications! Slave device supports I2C Hardware protocol. Master device will need to be implemented by software! Will post results as soon as possible.

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  1. Hugo Says:


    Where do you purchase your icd 2??



  2. Nelson Neves Says:

    Hi Hugo,

    Please note that it’s not the original ICD2 from Microchip, but it works fine and it was cheaper! Still haven’t tested the Debugger part but have successfully programmed 3 different PICS: 16F628A, 16F690 and 18F4550!

    I bought the ICD2 on http://www.ebay.co.uk from a Chinese guy. It took me 3 weeks to arrive because it was retained in Customs for Import TAX evaluation. I have payed 40€ for the item + 20€ for the Import TAX, total of 60€ (including postage cost) for a ICD2/Programmer device! Not bad!

    Original will cost you around 260€ + Postage Cost:

    I bought the item form this guy:
    He is not selling more at the moment but you can check other sellers.

    Thanks for your interest and hope that you find a good deal!

  3. Hugo Says:

    Hello Nelson,

    I now have an Icd2, all ok with Mplab, but i can program directly with ccsc, Any Patch available??



  4. Nelson Neves Says:

    HI Hugo,

    I have used the “MPLAB® IDE Plug-In” in order to use CCSInfo from MPLAB IDE, since I’m more used to work with MPLAB! Meaning that I work directly with MPLAB, source code will be CCSInfo .c file but when compiling, MPLAB will automatically call CCSInfo compiler to create .coff, .hex and all necessary files required for debug! I can make simulations using Step, BreakPoints, etc and watch for Port values/status, memory etc!

    There is a patch available for this integration (MPLAB® IDE Plug-In): http://www.ccsinfo.com/downloads.php

    direct link for the patch: http://www.ccsinfo.com/downloads/setup_mplab_plugin.exe

    If you really want to use CCSInfo IDE I will need to make some tests to check for ICD2 integration! Please let me know! But I really advise you to use it with MPLAB!

    After installing the integration patch you will need also to follow this initial steps for every time that you create a new project based on CCSInfo: http://www.ccsinfo.com/faq.php?page=ccs_mplab

    Hope to see some nice projects running soon!

  5. kanhu charan behera Says:

    In INDIA — Where do i purchase your icd 2??

  6. Nelson Neves Says:


    if you just want to program pics it is not required to buy ICD2 device, then you can look at this (there are a lot of these on ebay, please make sure it supports you pic model):

    If you want to debug your pic in real time then you will need I2C device, please have a look at this website in UK (not sure if they send to India, you need to verify):
    the only inconvenient his that you will require to program via ISP connection, or you can buy a special ISP socket that brings ZIF socket.

    Please have a look at other programers (make sure its for Microchip PIC)


  7. Nelson Neves Says:

    ps: have a look at the circuit to check how to connect the programmer/debbuger via ISP (In Circuit Programer):

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