Testing PIC 16F690 PWM 4 multiplexed channels CCSinfo Manual
2008 04 May

Just received an old Laptop (very very old - Intel Pentium II 266Mhz) that was going to the garbage and decided to make something nice with it! Plastics where broken and also required some electronic fixes! I’ve disassembled, removed un-necessary parts and built a new closure from the same material that I used for my robot! Did a really cool job!

I’ve remembered that I could use an extra PC to connect my Digital Oscilloscope (PCS500A) and Function Generator (PCG10A) from Velleman Instruments. These way I can make my electronic tests without having to switch from Linux to Windows OS (yes, I’m finally running Ubuntu Linux on my desktop PC, and whenever digital oscilloscope is required I need to switch it back to Windows due to Velleman win32 software).

Electronic Lab01

Electronic Lab02

Electronic Lab03

Electronic Lab04

Electronic Lab05

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