Assembling prototype board with PIC 18F67J50
2009 04 Nov

You’ve got it right, Botdream project is now going into Sleep mode (no to say Halt!).

Things are now getting complicated, too much work, no time for family and hobby, some personal life changes occurring, make the botdream robot project far away from his goal, so I’ve decided to re-think on this blog content and maybe start something new from scratch that will have a conclusion! I got a bit lost with some other projects (that were also interesting, here are some examples of what I’ve been doing:

  • Making some tests with PIC 18F4550 to work with a CNC (Interface with the Step Motor driver)
  • Testing Linux Ubuntu OS (only at normal user level)
  • Exploring Debian command line with the SLUG project
  • Getting into Linux Embedded Development for Bifferboard hardware (from March to October 2009):

So things got a bit off-track, a little more into the Linux world that requires some hard work and lots of free time to keep up with the community! No Pics and robot development for quite some time, so that is why I’m re-thinking on my blog content, I guess that I prefer to share something that I can really follow instead off having some old posts that are pretty well explained in some specialized blog!

I will also be moving from webhosting server (hostmonster / bluehost S#cks - they don’t keep up with their promises), still haven’t decided if will mirror the botdream related stuff. Slug stuff will live, slug rocks!

Thanks for all your support, hope to be back soon!

Nelson Neves.

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