This project is dedicated to the construction of a CNC machine and the main objective is to create an automated tool that will be able to cut/route/drill over different type of materials with greater precision and less time. Initially will be controlled by Computer (with available CNC software) but will try to extend this to be manually controlled (for smaller projects that only requires some cuts/drills).

Since it will involve different areas of expertise (electronics, micro-controllers, software, stepper motor, mechanics, etc) I have decided to invite some friends. It will be executed by (myself) Nelson Neves, Dinis Miguel and José Luis, all from Algarve, Portugal (Europe).

Before going to execution we will make the following tests:

  • Test stepper motors and available electronic interfaces (driver/controllers)
  • Test micro-controller that will manage electronic interface from stepper motor
  • Test CNC software that will control micro-controller
  • Create a small CNC prototype to test mechanic parts

For the execution we will need to:

  • Assemble Power Supply Unit to drive Stepper Motors and all electronics parts
  • Build the stepper motor interface (create pcb and assemble necessary electronic parts)
  • Build the micro-controller module (create pcb and assemble necessary electronic parts)
  • Create micro-controller software to manage stepper interface from computer commands
  • Build a real scale CNC (size yet to decide)

Here are some examples of the CNC machines that we will base ourselves to lead this project:


CNC 02http://engraving.majosoft.com/html/home_made_cnc_engraving_machin16.html

CNC 03

CNC 04

CNC 05

Here are some examples of what you can do with a CNC machine:

If you want to know more about this project please contact us at:

cnc [at] botdream [dot] com