Hello World, I'm Nelson Neves from Protugal, a C++ Software Developer, Electronic Hobbyist, Microcontroller Geek, Linux Embedded Hardware Fan, a proud Geek/Maker and a 3D Printer Lover.

I'm currently doing C++ Software Development for the win32 platform, but am a long time Linux lover and addicted to new technology software/hardware, with a strong tendency to web technology. Consider myself as an open-source-minded kind of guy, really enjoy a nice geek talk! Also have an Academic background on electronics/microcontrollers which helps me to discover my hardware geek side! In my free times I tend to make some research/prototyping on microcontrollers and Linux Embedded hardware, getting the 2 worlds together and mixing some web technology in the middle to make it more interesting (inspired in some of 'the internet of things' ideas). Here are some of my accomplishments:

C++ Software Developer in the Leisure market

  • iPad web-application SPA survey system developed with HTML5/CSS, Javascript, Embarcadero DataSnap C++ REST service technologies. iPad Preferences Questionnaire WebApp

  • Win32 C++ Client Management application "Client Prospect Marketing" developed for "Marriott Hotels" Sales Management Team in UK, supporting Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Borland Interbase Database Engines. Client Prospect Marketing

  • Development of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module for Profile Management integration with other applications using Win32 C++ Dynamic-link library module.

  • Electronic Communications Interface for Emails, SMS and Fax services:

    • Development of a 'Windows service' application to serve as a middle-ware interface between applications and Emails/SMS/Fax Web-based Services.
    • Integration of the Email, SMS and Fax functionality with other applications by developing a Win32 C++ Dynamic-link library module.

  • "ClubCare" suite software for Modules Management/Customization designed for the "Aberdeen Marina Club" in Hong Kong.

  • Development of Custom Reports using internal Engine/Viewer solution based on List&Labels.

  • Development of a Preferences Questionnaire Win32 C++ Dynamic-link library module for a Survey functionality.

Webdeveloper in the Real Estate market

  • Development of Real Estate websites and 'Property' search engine (using HTML, Css and Javascript)

  • Development of the Real Estate back-end search engine with PHP/MySQL and integration with a back-office Real Estate Management Software. Real Estate Search Engine

OpenSource Projects

Electronic Hobbyist / Microcontroller Geek

Linux Embedded

Raspberry Pi related projects

  • WebInterface for the R2C2 3d Printer board using a RaspberryPI+Node.js: R2C2_WebInterface

  • Remote control appliances via WebInterface by using a RaspberryPi + Node.js + GPIO Relay control board Raspberrypi_GPIO

  • Remote control appliances via Google Talk Bot (XMPP) by using a RaspberryPi + Node.js + GPIO Relay control board RaspberrypiGPIOnjsbot

Presentations / Public Talks

Presentations at GeekSessions:Lab events, a monthly meet-up among software/web developers to promote technological knowledge sharing among our local community:

Raspberry Pi Workshop/Worbench @LXJS

Conferences Participation